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The US is one country whose Midwestern region experiences a large number of tornadoes every year, which in turn claims lives and devastates property. It is known that about hundred people die every year due to the devastations caused. Statistics point out that about 1200 tornadoes occur every year. Tornadoes are probably not the biggest killer devised by Mother Nature but flash floods.

A tornado wind can reach a speed of about 400 km or 250 miles per hour. Hail often accompanies a tornado storm. The hail that falls at such a time can be as large as a grapefruit. Hence, millions of dollars’ worth damages are done to crops and property when hailstorms occur. Tornadoes are difficult to predict from before. Even with modern weather forecast systems tornadoes can be predicted about 13 minutes on average, before their occurrence.

Tornado means a twist or a turn in the Spanish language from where the word originates. It is a whirlwind that is created by an extreme low-pressure region, which results in severe thunderstorms. Tornado winds usually move in a counterclockwise manner. As the winds rotate violently a funnel like a column is formed. A tornado might not be visible to the naked eye, but the conditions of such a storm get picked up by radar or when it pulls up dirt and debris off the ground.

This blog showcases the tornadoes that hit Kansas from time to time. The nature of such storms and what people do in their aftermath or before are discussed in this blog. We invite others to come and share their experiences on this blog.