Violent Tornadoes Hit Kansas In May 2017

May this year a dangerous tornado was forecasted and the outbreak happened as feared. Kansas in Oklahoma is known to be subjected to such violent outbreaks during this time of the year.

This occurred on the 20th of May when the violent weather was forecasted towards the end of the week. Outbreak consisted of severe thunderstorms along with tornadoes. There was hail as well as high winds that led to considerable damage. The storms affected the central and southern plains during the night. As a result, the areas were declared high-risk. Severe thunderstorms took place in a southern and central part of Kansas as well as in western and northern parts of Oklahoma. As per the storm warning system, it was a five level storm declared by the center. As per the weather alerts the tornadoes were expected to be long-lived and strong. The cities that were put on high alert were Dodge City and Wichita of Kansas. Storms also affected areas like Oklahoma City, Kansas City, and Tulsa.


The storm system was expected to lead to a dangerous situation as supercell thunderstorms could erupt as well. The slow moving storms were supposed to also bring in repeated and prolonged downpours. Such storms were feared to cause flooding as well.

The US is known to have diverse weather conditions in different parts of the country and May were the perfect example of such a state. While the central part of the country was facing severe storms, the East faced heat at record breaking levels. The western regions, on the other hand, underwent snow storms in May. Locations in Northeast, mid-Atlantic and the Great Lakes saw high temperatures. Boston also recorded one of the hottest temperatures at this time, which was a rare occurrence. Kansas got its share of a violent storm in May and many lives had to be reconstructed from scratch.


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