What To Do When A Tornado Warning Is Declared?

Tornado WarningGovernments usually issued tornado warnings if there is a serious risk predicted as per prevalent or forthcoming weather conditions. When a tornado warning is issued one has to take cover and go with their family members to a secure place. They also need to have a radio with them in order to listen in to the warnings and communications that are issued by the government. In case you live in an area where tornadoes often occur, it is best to be prepared from before and has safety measures or alternatives planned out from before.



Many storm cellars and basement areas are created for people who stay in places where tornadoes are known to occur. Many people also have basement areas created to weather out such storms. If you do not have such a space, ensure that you know a friend or neighbor who does and will be able to provide you shelter quickly in times of emergency. Many homes in tornado-prone areas are usually built in ways that make them stand sturdy against moderate levels of tornadoes. The walls, windows, and doors as well as roofs are made heavy and weighed down to protect them from being ripped apart in such storms. However, in case the storms are of higher intensities people living in such homes can minimize damage to their lives by being in the center of their home. In case you are living in tents, trailer homes or traveling in cars, they need to exit such areas quickly.

Quick Covers

If no form of quick shelter is found, one needs to try and lie flat on the ground, preferably in a ditch. However, in case the storm is accompanied by flooding, then such an option has to be ruled out. Even though many tend to take shelter under overpasses or bridges, these structures often collapse under the weight of such a storm and can cause damage to people’s lives. My buddy from a junk removal in Vancouver was visiting Kansas when this happened but was able to get out unscathed by lying in a ditch when the storm was approaching. He said it was the scariest thing that has ever happened to him.

Have an emergency plan

If you live in a tornado-prone area like Kansas, it would be a good idea to have an emergency evacuation plan in place. You could have a kit ready or a list ready as to what emergency supplies you need to get within a short time. You could stock up on blankets, flashlights, and food, water and entertainment options if you have space to carry such supplies. You need to cushion your body with heavy jackets and blankets or other kinds of protective coverings. Since the roads could be jammed or there could be flooding and road blocks, ensure that you have a backup plan to shelter your loved ones in case you cannot exit the area. Many communities also set up a watch for tornadoes.


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